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     Dustine Gallagher did not have nice clothing and rarely said the right thing, but she had a good heart. Most days, Dustine felt nonexistent and wanted nothing more than to escape the trailer that she called home. Little did she know her whole world would change during a class trip.


     It all began when the school bus stopped at a convenience store on the side of the road; it was here that Dustine met a girl that looked exactly like her named Emerald Fairchild. Emerald was everything she wanted to be, and as they talked, the bus drove off. Being stranded with no phone, Dustine accepts a ride from Emerald, and that is where the story gets interesting... as there is a crash.


     While two girls hit a tree, only one woke up in the hospital with no recollection. Was she Dustine Gallagher or Emerald Fairchild? As the lone girl navigates a world without her memories, she has to watch out for family, boys, and mean girls. Saying that things have gotten more complicated is an understatement.

Girl on the Bus

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