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I swore I’d never return to Jersey, but unemployment only lasts for so long. Once home, I quickly discovered that the boy who used to torment me had aged to perfection. Unfortunately, it was also revealed that my poor excuse of a mother was now BFFs with her ex-husband, a.k.a. my dad. For the record, I am entirely against this unholy friendship.

The cherry on top of this horrible sundae was that mom wanted to go on an RV trip with me. Apparently, a free vacation makes up for years of childhood trauma. What irked me was that my darling mother used my ridiculously hot former enemy as a bribe; it did not work until it did.

Eventually, I agreed to go on the trip. Want to know the scariest part of this whole sham vacation scenario? Being in an RV with my dysfunctional mother, my commit issues, and the guy I am sort of crushing on. What could go wrong?

How to be an Adult Junior Ranger

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