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Buffy was at the lowest point in her life when the man with beautiful black wings gives her an intriguing deal. Was Alaric an angel or a demon? Did it matter? No, the offer was too good to pass up. So what was the deal exactly? Glad you asked. Buffy must collect all the major tarot cards located in memories past. If she succeeds, Buffy can redo a single moment in her life, literally any. A fresh start for someone who is desperately in need is too tempting to reject. Could you? Want to know what happens if she fails? It is not pretty. We are a lot of smoke, a massive fire, and a one-way ticket to Infero. Let’s just say there are some people there that are dying to meet Buffy. Perhaps taking the offer was not such a good idea; always remember to read the fine print.

Last Thing Forgotten Audiobook

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