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3 Books in 1 Collection!

From Ashes to Books: A princess's duty is always to her kingdom, so she lets her beloved marry another. The wedding leads to a cruel king seizing the throne and burning books. Ember had decades to plot her revenge and harbors quite a little secret that could sway a prince to her side. Can Ember reclaim her kingdom, or will it be reduced to ash?

Last Thing Forgotten: Buffy receives a life-changing offer that will allow her to change her past and save the one person who always loved her. But it may come at the cost of her sanity.

Girl on the Bus: Emerald and Dustine are complete opposites yet look identical. A chance meeting and an offer of a ride for a girl stranded ultimately led to a car crash. Which girl woke up in the hospital bed? And what one was dead?

The Meaning of Anamnesis

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